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About KD One

Natural and Organic Skincare & Cosmetics | Wellington based

KD One offers an extensive range of natural and organic skincare products, including cosmetics, body care products, and our soothing / medicinal range.

During my time as a professional make-up artist, I had seen first-hand how many of the traditional products, formulated with chemicals, could affect the skin.  This would range from redness, irritation, extreme dryness, and many other symptoms of distressed skin. For those that suffered from eczema and psoriasis, many traditional products further irritated their conditions.

Kareen Holland

KD One was Launched

In 2003 I launched KD One.  Using my extensive knowledge and experience, I developed a unique skincare range, where natural products were key.  Over the past 15 years, the KD One skincare range has grown from its initial 5 start-up products, into the range you see today, of 50+ products.  

All have been formulated and developed, with the focus of using natural and organic products.  

As the business expanded, on-site skincare treatments and consultations became integral to our total ‘care’ service.  This service is now provided from our salon and shop, situated in Tawa, Wellington. We offer one-on-one consultations to local customers, and can provide similar advice for those outside the region, by phone or Skype.  We supply NZ wide and abroad.

Natural and Organic Skincare

Did you know...

We didn’t just scramble something together when we designed our logo. We are a very proud kiwi owned business so we figured what better then for our logo to resemble the rising sun, as New Zealand is the first place to see the new day. The colours represent all the colours of the sunrise. Pretty amazing, right?

Skincare Range

Proving the Performance of Our Skincare Range through Science

Right from the start, I had been observing some amazing results from my natural skincare range.  And I didn’t just want people to take my word for the results…I wanted to provide solid proof.

In July 2016, I engaged the services of an independent, NZ based laboratory, to scientifically test and prove the results I had been seeing. 13 products were tested from the KD One range of skin care, body care, and medicinal products. The results fully validated what I had been seeing.

My Experience as a

Make-Up Artist

I had been involved in many successful projects, such as Xena-Princess Warrior, Spartacus-Blood and Sand, and many other larger film productions.  I was particularly involved in the horror movie genre, where I received award recognition for my on screen make up.

Kareen Holland

Environment & Sustainability

At KD One, we recognise that sustainability is a rapidly emerging issue, with people becoming more and more concerned about social, economic and environmental impacts of the manufacture, distribution and use of cosmetics.  Many people are becoming increasingly concerned about parabens, petrochemicals and other synthetic ingredients, and their effect on their health and the environment.

KD One cares for the community by using traceability systems and using indigenous raw materials where possible. Our products are made locally, and we are passionate about using natural products with a pure New Zealand edge.

Awards and Recognitions

KD One won the Top Shop Award in 2015 for ‘Best in Beauty’ for the Lower North Island region.

Also a finalist in the Top Shop Awards, in the category ‘Sustainability’, as part of a previous business.

Natural and Organic Skincare
Natural and Organic Skincare
Natural and Organic Skincare
Natural and Organic Skincare