Skin Care Range

I have been using nothing but KD One skin care for over 10 years and I am always complimented on my skin. I am in my late fifties and have very few lines, but more importantly it is my skin which makes me look healthy and for me looking healthy is the key to looking youthful.


An excellent cream, in a short period of time I was able to see a visible difference in my face in that my cheeks tightened up and I was less ‘jowly’.  I am 56 years of age and am referring to the puffy jowl that has developed with the passing of time and the end of menopause.  This was a surprise to me as I have been using natural products for many years, and the jowls had developed so slowly over time that I hadn’t really even realised that it was happening.  I had not expected to see a visible difference so quickly.


We got put onto your product by my brother in law who lives in Wellington and I love it, especially the facial cleanser. It smells so pure and makes my skin really soft and then I usually remember to spray the toner on and that completes my routine. I am really happy with the outcome. Thanks for putting the time into making such a great NZ product.

Annie Tuck

If you care about what goes into your body and are looking to do the same for your skin, then KD One is exactly the skincare range you are seeking. It’s all natural and you know it is good for you. I’ve used a range of products for several years and couldn’t praise it enough.


 I’ve been using Kareen’s products since I discovered her in 2009. Before then I’d used expensive brands and cheaper supermarket products and had been happy enough but never really satisfied with anything. Until I found Kareen. I love using Kareen’s products for lots of reasons, but mostly because my skin feels great. I like the fact that KD One products are made by a woman who knows about skin, cosmetics and natural products. Kareen’s background in film and television mean she brings another level of knowledge and experience to the development of her products and the advice she gives. Her skin care products enhance the make-up I wear.

We also use other KD One products, especially the Recovery Rub. My husband is a keen cyclist and when he’s training for, and taking part in events, we use it a lot. It’s perfect after long rides to ease tired legs or so I’m told! I’m often the person doing the massaging and its easy and pleasant to use, has a pleasant smell and doesn’t stain clothing.


I’m impressed to find such a luxurious – and sustainable – skin care range at such reasonable prices.

Roz Mason

Your Hand & Body moisturiser…it is a lovely moisturiser and does wonders for my aging hands.

Margaret Batty

I have been using KD One’s rich moisturiser and it has changed my life… I love it.

Ange Prema

Hi Kareen I purchased your Acne Clear System for my daughter who turned 14 last Monday. She has been using this product for exactly a week, and her acne on her forehead has all but disappeared. Her acne was so bad it was bleeding. My daughter does not have oily skin, in fact she has very dry skin/eczema, which therefore she has a dry acne. She has found that the products are also putting moisture back into her skin. Thank you so much.

Sharon Bailey

Hi Kareen, huge congratulations on your amazing KD One skin care range. For anyone considering natural skincare I highly recommend this range. My skin is in good condition as I started ‘seriously’ looking after it following a major health scare in my 40’s, I’m now early 50’s. What I’ve done differently… Instead of doing what I normally do and use all my old products until they run out and then combine old and new brands, this time I did it differently and only used the full KD One range and the intensive moisturiser.

A very strange thing happened when I ran out of product, I went back to my old brands, and within one week my cheeks and chin broke out…a redness with blotches and a couple of pimples. Yuck. The moral of my story is ‘re-order before you run out’ as the products are well priced, smell fantastic and they work. Thank you KD for your natural intelligence and love that goes into your products.

Lyn Bayliss

I really love KD One products.  Absolutely love the Refreshing and Revitalising Facial Cleanser and the feel and smell and results of cleaning the skin.  Although I don’t use make up very often.  At $24.95 for 100ml it is a good price too. Also totally love the Sensitive & Dry Skin Toner in the spray bottle. Just spray on after cleansing and press into skin. Love the Rich and Intensive Facial Moisturiser and  can use this day and night.  I also use the Enriched Neck Serum oil for my throat and decolletage. These products are totally natural and made from the best natural ingredients with no nasties.  The delivery and postage on these products is also great and prompt. Kareen is a lovely bubbly, friendly genuine person willing to share her knowledge and passion with others to our benefit. Thank you Kareen.

Jill Wilson

Hi Kareen, just wanted to thank you very much, love my new facial products. My skin feels lovely and it has only been a week! I have had a couple of comments about my glowing skin! I am so happy. The gentle scrub is gorgeous I use it every morning in the shower and all the products smell so fresh. Thanks again.


I was so impressed by your body butter I just had to let you know! I used it last night and in the morning all the acne on my back had disappeared! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Loving the products and am introducing them to everyone I know. Thanks!

Darshika Patel

Kareen has been manufacturing products for me for over 3 years. Her knowledge and experience in natural and organic product formulations and application has been a great source of information, and I have always been impressed with the prompt delivery and consistent quality.

Maree Watson

I am a natural health therapist specializing in massage with a background of nearly 3 decades in nursing. Approximately 3 years ago I wanted to broaden my business to include natural alternatives for skincare and makeup, as I recognize the skin is your largest organ and absorbs a lot of daily toxins. As well as that, I was watching my 3 teenage daughters applying regular makeup and skincare heavily and having skin breakouts. Kareen’s KD One products were favourable to me because I could personally get to know who made the products and because she believed in the same mantra that natural is best. I have since gotten to know Kareen and her products, more and more professionally and personally, as I have witnessed the improvements in not only my daughter’s health, wellbeing and skin improvements, but my clients as well. Once a client has tried any of the products they often have a repeat purchase. If they have any specific requirement e.g. allergies, Kareen has been very helpful to alter the original ingredients to meet that client’s needs. What has made me even more excited about using and stocking Kareen’s range, is that recently she has had her products independently scientifically tested, and now she has solid proof of how great her products are, something we already knew! I have tried to stock other natural products in the past but always have sold Kareen’s range and now just exclusively stock her KD One. I can highly recommend her range.

Deb Hartley

Massage Therapist, Body Mind Spirit Wellbeing

WOW!!! I came across your store in Wellington, purchased the cleanser and intensive moisturising cream and what a difference to my skin in 4 days! It’s so plump and soft. Nice to see natural skincare at a great price!



I brought this anti flam product at the Kapiti Women’s Expo and it has been fantastic. I now have a good night’s sleep and the pain in my back and knees has reduced a great deal. Thank you for a great product. I feel like my old self when I wake up in the mornings.


I just love the products, especially the rich moisturiser for me and the botty balm – which after starting it, my son never had nappy rash and now we use it to help remove scars when he gets grazes etc.

Tracey Voyce

I just wanted to contact you and thank you for your product. I have tried a lot of stuff for my psoriasis and although I noticed no big change on my skin generally, possibly because I haven’t had a chance to use liberal amounts on my entire body and the further away from your heart, the less effective any topical applications seem to be.  The Soothing Balm really has made a difference to my fingers and palms. Maybe it’s the oil base but the product does linger longer and the dryness around my cuticles have really moistened and improved. Just wanted to thank you, best hand treatment I’ve tried so far.

Chris Brougham

Before using KD One’s ‘botty balm’, I had tried numerous ointments to get my sons eczema under control without success. Within a couple of days of applying KD One ‘botty balm’ three times a day, my son’s eczema was under control. The balm is hydrating to his skin and any scratches from where he itched healed up quickly. Because there are no ‘naughty chemicals’, I am not worried if I have to apply it a few extras times on ‘flare up days’.

Janis Warburton

I am just writing to say a big thank you to you all. I am a 21 year old student who has suffered from eczema for much of my life, most recently around my eye area particularly my eyelids. I have been using your soothing balm for about 6 months now and have found it incredibly helpful in clearing this up. Recently I purchase two of your mineral eye shadows as generally eye shadows irritate the eczema on my eyelids. These eye shadows were wonderful; they did not irritate my eyes nor was my eczema inflamed. So thank you so much KD One. From a happy customer.

Sarah Bonner

I use the Recovery Balm for my Fibromyalgia which is a chronic pain disease throughout the body. It has been a lifesaver in fighting off the pain. I have tried many other products, but the Recovery Balm certainly works the best, and I would not hesitate in recommending it to anyone with pain of any sort. KD One has great products that are natural and of top quality.

Anita Maitland

Make Up

I have been using the Mineral Foundation and Eye Shadows from KD One for many years now. I love the colour and finish that they give, while knowing that it is good for my skin.


Just want to thank you for being a part of my special day. I couldn’t be happier with the makeup you did for my mum, my bridesmaids and myself. Thank you also for being so flexible.  You did a great job. Would definitely recommend you to others. Love your products also! Will have to pop in when I get back from honeymoon and get some foundation. Thanks again!


Hi Kareen, even though I’ve been wearing make up for years and years, I had no idea what sort of make-up would be suitable for TV. Thanks to your wonderful make up lesson I’m now practicing to achieve the look you did. I was thrilled with what you did and how you were able to use the make-up I already own and with just a few purchases I have a ‘TV ready’ look. I’m looking forward to filming TV advertorials for my business with greater confidence. Thanks again.

Sally Aydon

I really enjoy the KD One mineral powder. It is great coverage for day to day. Based on this product I arranged for my mother to get her make up done for a special occasion. My mother does not normally bother with makeup. Kareen took this on board and did a great job of making her look amazing while still looking herself. We will certainly be using Kareen’s services again in the future.

Fiona Plimmer

Hi Kareen, I really enjoyed the makeover yesterday, and learned lots of tips, so thank you. This morning I enjoyed using my new goodies. I am amazed at the strength of the colours; the pigments are so much more concentrated than regular department store make up.