In a market saturated with duplicates and misleading ‘natural’ skincare products, it is important to examine what we apply to our skin daily. One ingredient currently under scrutiny is aluminium, commonly found in antiperspirants. Traditional antiperspirants contain aluminium-based salts, such as aluminium chlorohydrate, that plug sweat glands, physically obstructing sweat from reaching the skin’s surface. While effective in preventing wetness, this these products have potential health risks.

The body absorbs aluminium through the skin, and concerns arise regarding its accumulation over time. The health risks associated with regular application of aluminium include underarm irritation, skin discoloration, yellow stains on clothing, and potential kidney and bone health issues. Although scientific evidence is inconclusive, aluminium accumulation in the body is linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Understanding these risks emphasises the importance of choosing safer alternatives.

Due to these concerns, the cosmetics industry is experiencing a positive shift towards safer, natural deodorant alternatives. While aluminium-based antiperspirants work to prevent wetness, natural deodorants focus on inhibiting odour-causing bacteria growth without blocking glands and exposing the body to aluminium chlorohydrate.

At KD One Skincare and Cosmetics, we have developed a highly effective aluminium-free deodorant as a natural and effective solution, addressing concerns associated with traditional options. Our deodorant contains tea tree oil and bicarbonate of soda that work consecutively to eliminate odour-causing bacteria. It also features skin-soothing manuka honey, manuka oil, and vitamin E, and has a refreshing citrus scent.

Maintaining a healthy pH balance is essential for underarm skin health. Our natural deodorant is carefully formulated to support the skin’s pH balance, creating an environment that minimises the risk of irritation or other skin issues.

Addressing common misconceptions is vital in making an informed decision about switching to natural deodorants. Some may question the effectiveness of natural products compared to traditional antiperspirants. Scientifically proven studies and user testimonials can shed light on the effectiveness of natural alternatives, offering a deeper understanding.

Beyond personal health, the environmental impact of personal care products should not be overlooked. Traditional deodorant packaging and production processes often contribute to waste and pollution. At KD One, we prioritise sustainable practices and eco-friendly packaging, encouraging users to make choices that align with their personal values and contribute to a healthier planet.

Making the switch to our aluminium-free deodorant offers a natural, effective, and worry-free solution. Your underarms deserve the best, and we’re here to provide you with a healthier choice. Embrace the confidence that comes with taking care of your body the natural way! 💚




“It took me a while to get used to the natural smell, but it is so much better than the chemical smell, and still works even at the end of the day.”

Kevin H